Where we meet

House Churches - Our regular meeting places


Throughout the Bible we see that God’s people not only gathered together regularly for shared worship but led scattered lifestyles of worship throughout their daily lives, neighborhoods and communities. The early church in the New Testament scattered in homes for worship and out in the community for encouragement and generosity. The scattering represented a united people with the same mission going out into the world to bring glory to God through personal devotion and surrender, to show and tell about God’s love through his Son Jesus Christ.

And it’s just the same for God’s people today! His people are gathering and scattering; both are the calling for the Christian life and people of God. Here’s another way to put it, “In the same way, let your good deeds [your life] shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” (Matt 5:16 NLT)


House Churches

A House Church is a group of people doing life together, journeying, serving and learning to become more like Jesus together in smaller community. House Churches are an expression of the larger church family happening in small groups. We study scripture, worship God, support and encourage each other through good time and tough times, we join together to serve others. House Churches consist of adults and families, single and married, young and old. Children, teenagers and college students are all part of the house church life. When a House Church grows to a size of approximately 12 people, they are encouraged to focus on starting a new House Church out of the original group.