All Gatherings - 2nd Sunday of every month


We know from the Bible in the Old and New Testament that God’s people, whether in large numbers or small, gathered for praise, dedication, feasting, celebration, and confession. This shared practice was most often public, and included people of all seasons of life and background. The Book of Nehemiah is even careful to record that all children old enough to understand were assembled for the worship gatherings of their day. In The Gospels we read of the gatherings that Jesus drew to Himself for teaching, worship and outreach. In the earliest parts of the Book of Acts, we read of thousands of followers of Jesus gathered together for worship daily!

For Emmaus Road our Gatherings are simply a continuation of how God’s people come together for worship. These Gatherings take place less regularly than the House Churches, but play a healthy role in keeping one another encouraged and unified in the vision and mission of the Emmaus Road Community. 


Emmaus Road All Gatherings

When: 2nd Sunday of every month from 4:00 - 7:00PM

Location:  TBA

Directions:  TBA

Description:  Once a month our house churches gather together to eat, worship, hear teaching from God's Word, and strengthen our greater community. There is also a special kids church time with activities and Bible lessons geared for children ages 0-10. We also hear stories and celebrate how God is working in our house churches and using families in Emmaus to touch the world with the love of Christ! Bring a pot-luck dish or fingerfood to share, we typically begin with worship around 4pm and enjoy supper following.