How Can I Give

Thank you for your commitment and contribution to Emmaus Road. If you are a part of our community we believe that cheerfully and sacrificially giving of our finances is a continuation of our Worship for God. If you are not a part of Emmaus Road and you want to give above and beyond what you are giving to your local community we appreciate your generosity and support. There are a few ways that we have set up that in which you can give a gift, 100% of all gifts go directly to the ministry of Emmaus Road Community, all gifts are tax deductible and receipted accordingly.



Financial Contributions to Emmaus Road Community can be sent to the following address:

Emmaus Road Community
1102 Goldenrod Circle
Broomfield CO 80020

 * make checks payable to Emmaus Road Community



Auto Pay or Automatic Payment is a feature that deducts your giving/tithing automatically from your checking or savings account each month. Most banks provide this service for free and will simply send the gift amount from your account to our Emmaus Road accountant office. See your financial institution for more information. 



Other Online Giving Opportunities 

Another great way to get involved in making a difference around the world is through your generosity to the following families that have been "sent out" as traveling missionaries through the Emmaus Road Community.

Scott and Kathy / w Campus Crusade

Kris and Natalie Cheek /w Berean Church Fellowship Church Planting

Andrew and Kerri Meador

Compassion International

World Vision

Blood Water Mission